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Panchgavya Dantamanjan is made from gaumaya bhasma which works as active char coal and is a very good mouth cleansing agent. Panchgavya Dantmanjan is made of Cow Dung black ash, Black Salt Rock Salt, Clove, Amritdhara, Distilled Cow Urine, Milk, Ghee, Butter-Milk.
Indigenous cow's Cow Dung is especially burnt for Oxygen preservation, it contains 33% of oxygen & several minerals, after which this tooth powder is prepared by systematically mixing herbs, making it highly effective and giving huge benefits. This product is free from chemicals.
Panchgavya Dantmanjan not just strengthens your teeth and gums. It is also very useful in case of, sensitiveness for hot and cold water, swelling of gums, mouth pain, ulcers over the tongue, sore throat & deterioration of taste.

Panchgavya Tooth Powder [पंचगव्य दंतमंजन]

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