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Bhimseni Camphor is used in ayurvedic medicine since ancient time. Camphor is often used for its therapeutic benefits and in Spiritual practices as well. Camphor is a rare herb that despite being a coolant, balances Kapha Dosha, and reduces fat and balances Vata induced pains and aches. It helps to control the inflammation and adds a soothing effect on the body.Camphor has a healing effect on the skin.
Due to its cooling and soothing effect, it controls skin outbreaks or rashes when applied locally over the affected area. It effectively treats acne and acne scars, when used along with coconut oil.

*Health Benefits*
Treats Cold and Cough
Relieves Pain and Swelling
Alleviates Skin Rashes
 Promotes Hair Growth

Bhimseni Camphor [भीमसेनी कापूर]

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