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Nettyam Agnihotra incense sticks are made entirely by hand, we have used all the  ingredients used in Yadnya, especially in Agnihotra. Incense is burned in the house to purify the atmosphere & air. This incense brings positivity to the atmosphere, as well as helps to reduce mosquitoes & odors. People who suffering from insomnia will find comforting by burning these incense sticks in their sleeping place in the evening or before going to bed. We can use it everyday at home / office. You can use the ashes of this incense in the garden for composting, which is a good fertiliser, or you can put this in water & drink clean "Bhasma Jal"after 15 to 20 minutes surface water, as this incense is completely natural & environment friendly.

Ingredients : 
Desi cow dung, Desi cow ghee, Bhimseni camphor, Rice, Coconut Oil

Process : The above ingredients are mixed & filled in a mould. The sticks formed are then sun-baked for 5-6 days.

Agnihotra Dhoop [अग्निहोत्र धूप]

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